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Interior Design Schools in California - CA

As you probably know, California is one of the most popular trend-setting states. People from all over the world look to Los Angeles and San Francisco for the latest styles -- this is true not only for clothing, but for design as well. 

A number of architectural and interior design styles have their roots in California. The Spanish influence is evident not only in the names of cities across the state - from San Diego and Santa Monica to Sacramento and Eureka - but in the houses as well. The Spanish-inspired Mission style homes feature tile floors and hand-glazed tile accents, hand-woven rugs, pottery, solid oak wood furniture, and dark leathers. 

The tropical and coastal styles unique to California have also blossomed throughout the state. Tropi-California interior design and furniture emphasize the natural outdoor beauty of California, with wicker furniture and Asian-influenced accents like bamboo floors, sea-grass rugs, and furniture made of woven banana bark or other organic materials. The California Coastal style of interior decorating also draws upon the California outdoors with a palate of breezy sea colors (blues, greens, and whites) mixed with warm tropical colors (reds, oranges, and yellows).

Whether you're in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Orange County, or Hollywood, you can find interior design schools in California that will teach you the essential skills of residential and commercial design while giving you the opportunity to practice your techniques in an international design atmosphere. If you want to attend one of the many California design schools listed below, now is your chance. Just click on the links and request complimentary information.