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Interior Decorator Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for the professional interior design and decoration of homes, offices, and retail establishments will rise at least 17% by 2010. With an increase in demand usually comes an increase in price or salary. An interior decorator can currently expect to make between $20,000 and $80,000 throughout their career. This will only increase as the demand for such services rises.

Unlike their interior designer counterparts, interior decorators do not need professional training to land a job. First and foremost, they need a keen eye for colors, textures, fabrics, and design, and they need the confidence and persistence to market themselves and get that talent noticed. That being said, a little training can go a long way for interior decorators - particularly when it comes to earnings. With better qualifications and more education, a decorator can increase their marketability: Clients and employers are aware that more and more interior decorators are seeking professional training, so an appropriate education will not only serve to increase your salary if you work at a firm, but it will also increase your client base, and by extension your income, if you are self-employed.

Training options for future decorators include one-off courses in specific facets of design, certificate courses, and associate’s degrees in interior design or decorating. Many established decorators enroll in design courses to stay on top of trends and to advance in residential and commercial interior decorating. This gives clients confidence that the decorator is "hip" to the latest styles while also having a solid base in traditional design elements. The more confident and satisfied the client, the higher the fee the interior decorator may be able to charge.

In addition to training, professional decorators can seek certification with organizations such as the Designer/Decorator Society of America (DSA). Certification not only looks good on a resume or portfolio, but is also a way to network and build relationships with decorators, designers, and other industry professionals.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the salary of an interior decorator. The easiest way for a decorator to get their foot in the door and boost their earnings potential is with formal training. It's a fast and effective way to get started on building up a decorating portfolio and meeting clients. If you're ready to be a decorator, browse through this site, explore your options, determine which program is right for you, and request information so you can start your education today.

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